Root Canal Therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy?

When our teeth are damaged the inside of the tooth can become infected.  This can then have a bad effect upon the pulp of the tooth i.e. the blood vessels and nerves inside.  If you do nothing about this the infection can begin to damage the bone, causing pain and swelling.  If this happens to one of your teeth, your dentist or Endodontist may decide to carry out an endodontic treatment (Root Canal Therapy) in order to save the tooth.  This is referred to as Endodontics due to the words (“endo” – inside and “dont” – tooth).  He will open up the tooth, take out the damaged pulp and then clean up the inside before putting in a filling.

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What Are the Benefits Root Canal Therapy?

Many people panic when they hear the words Root Canal Therapy but it should not be a painful experience and really no worse than having a standard filling.  Saving your tooth using this treatment has plenty of advantages and benefits:

  • Pain and swelling will disappear
  • You will be able to chew normally
  • Biting will no longer result in pain
  • Your tooth will look natural
  • By retaining your own natural tooth, rather than having it replaced, your remaining healthy teeth will be protected from additional strain or wear and tear.

Who Should Consider Root Canal Therapy?

Your dentist may recommend that you have this procedure carried out if the pulp within your tooth is infected or inflamed. This type of damage left untreated can result in deep-down tooth decay and long-term damage.  If you suffer from gum disease, this can often lead to root canal problems.  If you have this swelling and pressure within your tooth, you will most likely be in pain and infection can result. If you have been suffering with this type of problem for a long time and the issue has become a chronic one, you are likely to be a very good candidate for root canal therapy.

No matter what has caused your root canal disease (pulpal disease), endodontic treatment is likely to be required to save your tooth and relieve you of your pain and discomfort.

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